We have the ability to service locations anywhere in the continental United States. Travel distance and location is typically determined by the project specifics and its size.
No. There is no patient minimum needed for us to provide on-site services. All proposals bid on are based on project needs. Client proposal specifications set requirements for patient minimums or maximums.
Yes. The Doctors Center Mobile Services has performed on-site services for multiple branches and agencies for both State and Federal government.
Negative drug screens are typically reported in 24-36 hours. Positive drug screens are typically reported within 72 hours, but can take longer depending on the availability and responsiveness of the donor. Alcohol testing results are instant.
Yes. Many of of the organizations we service have multiple locations, based in multiple states.
The Doctors Center Mobile Health Services are available 7 days a week. It is common for us to provide services on both days of the weekend depending on the client’s flexibility.
Yes. We provide on-site school and sports physicals at both public and private schools.