Mobile Medical Testing

7 Benefits of Mobile Medical Testing

While the list of assets that you present to your business investors may not include “employees”, the human element of your business is, in fact, one of its greatest strengths. Having employees that are efficient, passionate, loyal, and healthy can take your business from average to amazing in a very short time. For this reason, many companies are choosing to focus on their employees’ health, providing ways to promote better lifestyles and better medical choices that will benefit everyone.

One of these ways is health screening. Many organizations use employee health screening to help their employees identify potential health problems early, and prevent missed work and expensive medical procedures down the road. By making these screens a part of their job, and even tying them to incentive programs, employers have been able to foster an environment of health for all employees.

However, you may wonder how fewer sick days will pay off if you have employees leaving the premises on a regular basis to attend these screenings – or how you can convince employees to go to screenings if they are scheduled for off times. This is where a mobile medical company can help. These are companies that can come to your job site and perform screenings and tests right there. Your employees simply need to step into a designated meeting room, go through the screening, and then they can get right back to their duties.

Mobile medical companies often perform the following care:

  • Laboratory testing, such as drug testing
  • Physical exams
  • Stress tests
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • X-rays
  • Vision and hearing exams
  • Vaccinations, immunizations, and other inoculations

In many cases, these services can keep your business OSHA compliant, and make your job site compliant for federal or state government contracts. But there are benefits beyond simply keeping your business running smoothly when you choose to work with a mobile medical company. Consider these important pros that mobile medical companies can offer your employees and you:

1. Less Substance Abuse

While it’s hard for law-abiding citizens to fathom, it’s not that difficult to fake a drug test when you are able to prepare ahead of time. There are many tools and techniques available that help employees keep their jobs and their habits, that are used every day. If an employee is sent to an external location for health services, they have the time, away from supervision, to prepare for the chance of a drug screening.

But when you make random drug testing a part of your health screening through a mobile medical service, no employee can be prepared to give a false sample. They’ll come to work thinking it’s a normal day, and the medical service will be right there waiting to get started. This is a good way for employers to ensure that drug testing is accurate.

Regular drug tests, done at random intervals, can help make your workplace safer and more efficient. Substance abusers are more likely to skip work, come to work late, make poor decisions while on the job, and have impaired motor skills. Not only do these issues create an unsafe environment for your other workers, they also present higher costs in medical coverage and premiums.

2. Save Time and Money with Pre-Employment Screening

Many physical positions within companies have been assigned to employees who were not capable of performing the duties of the job; unfortunately, applicants who have been searching for a job for many months, or even years, due to the economy, are willing to promise just about anything to get a job, including the ability to do a job that they can’t. Not only does this waste your time, it also costs a lot of money in medical bills when these employees inevitably get hurt.

If an applicant seems like a good match for your company, you can use a pre-employment screening to find out what type of job within your organization they are the best fit for. If you choose to have a mobile medical company on site the day of interviews, you can have the results very quickly, and make your entire process much more efficient with same-day hires and an immediate workforce cleared for positions.

Pre-employment screenings can also help catch any pre-existing conditions that may need to be taken into consideration when signing an employee up for health benefits. By having as much information as possible right when you need to hire someone to fill a position, you can make the best choice for your company, and help your new employee start off in a job that is suited to their health.

3. Keep Your Contracts

Imagine that you’ve just received a major contract from the government or a regulated industry, and you need to take several steps to ensure that your job site and employees are meeting all the required standards. One of the risks of sending your employees to get those regulated screenings and drug tests is that you’ll have to go to great lengths to ensure that you choose a facility that follows the legally required standards specific to your industry.

Or, you can choose a mobile medical company, who will come to your job site, ensure that all testing is done to OSHA or other standards, and help you keep your important contracts. Not only will you be assured that you’ve chosen a service that meets industry regulations, you also keep your employees moving efficiently on the job, because you don’t have to transport them to another site, or have them leave the job site, in order to get these screenings done. The more efficiently you can work on a major contract, the more likely you are to get another in the future. This helps grow your business, making you and your employees more money.

4. Cut Out Overtime

If you, like so many other employers, struggle to keep your biggest expense (payroll) to manageable levels, then you know that overtime is one of your biggest problems. Sending employees to get screening while on the clock is almost a guaranteed path to overtime. Not only do you have to pay for the time it takes them to get the screening, but you are likely also paying for the time it takes them to drive to and from the appointment, and the time it takes them to make up the work they missed when they were at the appointment.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing employees already work an average of around three hours of overtime per week, and that doesn’t include the time you’ll have to pay in the example above. This could quickly add up to hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars on your next payroll depending on how many employees you have. Instead, you can have a mobile medical company come to your job site, eliminating the driving time, and making it much easier for employees to get back to work.

5. Create a Workplace that Attracts Employees

As the workforce shifts from baby boomers to millennials, the driving motivators are shifting too. More than ever, employees are interested in workplaces that are just as focused on sustaining happy, healthy employees as they are on productivity. Employees want to know that you are just as invested in them as they are in your business. By having mobile medical services on site to perform health screenings, you make it very convenient for your employees to stay on top of their health. This is something that many employees would be very grateful for, and it presents a picture of an employer who understands their motivations and is willing to help them create a workforce that works with their needs.

As word gets out that you care about your employees, you’ll attract the best applicants, who are truly driven and productive, and could have their pick of jobs based on previous experience or education. You’ll get these top employees because you’ve created a workplace that they want to spend their time in, because they know that their health and wellbeing is a priority.

6. Start New Plants, Product Lines, or Businesses Very Quickly

When you’ve got a new location opening that needs a whole new crew, you are racing against the clock to get them to work. You’ve got to interview, run background checks, get drug testing taken care of, perform health screenings, get paperwork done, and possibly even get through training, all before a single bit of production happens. This can take a major chunk out of your schedule, and put you behind before you even start.

By having a mobile medical center on your job site, you can streamline the entire process. Interview and file paperwork, and then send employees just a few steps away to have their medical screening done. By the time they return, you could be nearly done getting them prepared to start training and get on the line. This will have your new plant or business running in no time.

In fact, many mobile health services can process large volumes all at once, setting up multiple stations with a large medical staff to get potential employees through the process in groups. Think of it like the military – whole ranks of people being moved very quickly through standard procedures so that work can begin. Mobile medical services have the experience necessary to perform exactly this type of action.

7. Gain Access to the Most State-of-the-Art Equipment

If you are located in a rural area, your local hospital or clinic may not be outfitted with the most up-to-date medical equipment or training. A mobile medical service can offer state-of-the-art testing, performed with the most modern equipment. This gives your employees better information about their health, providing you with a clearer picture of which employees would be best for which jobs, and helps your insurance provider offer you the best rates.

Choosing the right mobile medical service is the key for this final benefit. Be sure that you carefully consider their services, and ask about the equipment that they use. They should be able to explain that they rely on the best training and the best equipment to get fast, accurate results.

Create Your Best Workforce Yet

When you think of the best possible workforce, what words spring to your mind? Efficient? Productive? Passionate? Loyal? Healthy? When you choose to give your employees the advantage of regular medical health screenings, you can help them become all of these things. And by choosing a mobile medical service to perform health screenings at your organization, you make it more convenient, and more likely that everyone will benefit.

In addition to providing thorough wellness exams, helping you match employees to the right position, providing random drug testing to make your workplace safer, and keeping you OSHA compliant, mobile medical services save you money in more ways than one. And you’ll end up with a workforce filled with the best of the best employees, who trust you with their health and devote themselves to keeping their jobs due to that trust.

When you are choosing a mobile medical service, it’s important to take you time and interview each service that you are considering. Be sure that you look at mobile medical services very carefully before you hire one, because they are responsible for saving you money, making your workforce more efficient and industry compliant, and keeping your employees healthy and safe through preventative measures. Choose one that uses the best equipment, and one that has good reviews. Be sure that they can offer you services that help you stay compliant with your industry’s regulations, and that they keep all their equipment and procedures totally sterile.

Just by choosing to include this one service in your business, you can completely shift the environment and the people who work in it. If you’ve been looking for a way to save money, or you need to totally refresh your workforce and workplaces, this is a great change to implement.

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